CPIP news

latest news: new inventory design is coming soon as well as PenguinMail. also theres a new design for the igloo furniture coming soon. check the FRONT PAGE for preview pics of PenguinMail and the new inventory.

last times news: the CPIP item got released. its a red drillers helmet. you can only have one if u tested the CPIP server. you cant pick it up or anything. u just log on and u have it!! so if u dont have one u cant get one.

last times news:

bigscreen has been released!! it was a couple of days ago but i forgot to update this page lol. anyway you can still play in smallscreen if its too big for you. one guy actually said it was to big at the CPIP blog. so they added a smallscreen button on the screen. click it and you will be in smallscreen. oh but dont click it while your logged on cause it reloads the page. anyway CPIP blog will be updated every week with info on the latest new features being created.

last news:

there are 2 new features coming up!! the 1st one is re-doing the inventory. they are going to re-make it so its easier to find items. the 2nd new feature is called Penguin Mail. there is not a lot of info on this but it does say on the CPIP Blog that you will be able to save postcards you receive. anyway thats the latest CPIP info!!


click here for info on new features


or click here to check out the CPIP blog







 ~waddle on~~sony999~

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