Club Penguin Turns 5!

I know this blog isn’t really up and running much anymore, however CP has turned 5 so I think that’s worth a post!

here are pics i took while at the 5th b’day party: BIG happy birthday to Club Penguin! keep in mind my internet was capped so it was lagging a bit and not all clothes on some people had loaded, such as the propeller hats in the first picture 😆

the town

coffee shop downstairs


new volcano room??? + club penguin reaches 100,000,000 accounts!

Club Penguin Times #206 is out today, the main topic for this week is the volcano which can be spotted behind the ninja hideout at the dojo:

issue206coverheres the article if you want to read about it or click here to log onto cp and check it out for yourself!

issue206pic2also would you guys like a club penguin party where you can meet me on cp? if so, comment and tell me what you think!

also, club penguin has reached 100,000,000 accounts! heres one of those penguins who get created with the number thingy somehow instead of the name that i came across in the pizza parlor:

100mpenglol itd be awesome to be p100000000!

thx guys keep visitin and commentin!


10,000 hits party?

hey guys were nearly at 10,000 hits! a big thanx to all viewers once again but DO YOU WANT A PARTY ON CLUB PENGUIN FOR 10,000 HITS? comment and tell me if you want 1



Club Penguin Swf page updated

yeah alot of people have been complaining cause the old swf links dont work anymore, so ive replaced them with new links that work.. if you cant see the link copy n paste to the browser like so..demo_n1but of course with the swf, not that link..

anyway you can check out the NEW SWFS HERE <- click that link to check em out, thanx guys!


Sony999s club penguin site is back

yeah im back on the site! the main thing going on at the moment is the senseis hunt, so here are the solutions if u havent solved it already lol
also we are nearly at 10,000 views! so keep em comein!

quick update this week + 8000 hits!

yep the dj3k is gettin some more tracks so yeah check it out! heres the cover-


only a few more till newspaper200! i got a pic of when 100 came out if you wanna look in the archives like ages ago for this site lol.

anyway have fun thanx for visitin!

also 8000 hits thanx all you guys !

-Sony999- 🙂 🙂

adventure party!!!!

the adventure party started yesterday [[on friday]] heres all the stuff for this week –


heres the stuff you need to find for the Adventure Hunt –

number1 – the pool

go underground into the pool – its in the window – pic –



number2 – the cove – click the flower vine next to the ski hut – pic –


number3 – the dock – click the turtle next to the Hydro Hopper – pic –


number4 – the snow forts – click the flowers with only 1 petal next to the clock – pic –


number5 – the iceberg – click the water spout in the water next to the boat – then click the whale that appears. – pic –


number6 – the plaza – click the flowers next to the pizza parlor – pic –


number7 – the beach – click the bubbles in the water – pic –


number8 – the forest – [[last one woot!!!!]] – click the flowers between the waterfalls – pic –


and theres a free item in the plaza – pic –


anyway thats it for this party guys! thanx for visiting n keep the comments comeing – have fun this partayy –

🙂 🙂 -Sony999- 🙂 🙂