my buddies

i have alot of penguins but this is just Sony999s list. ok here we go…………………..

123adri, 50 Cent 246, 59bluecool, 5036zara, 8flamez, Aly808, Bank Cop123, Bleu Bubbles, Bluesplasher,   Boyd100, Brio2, Brio4, Buccaneers42, Buddy Chaos, Can Man, Carltongal92, Ceby, Cheeze Hugga, Chockokitty30, Choppy100, Claw Tm, Clifford Boy, Coolibop 808, Cutie, Darkplanet, Easter Fun, Emperor, Empororwet39,  Foodglorious, Freems, Frozzoy, Gostdrops 2, Greeny Aden, Grooveymonke, Halfsize, Halo War, Happi Camper, Haskard21, Hii124, Hoban6, Howevr, Htbang101, Iiris1111, Jarrah 123, Jmmr99, Joey 42, Jonny Hawks, Largy22, Macsen, Madio 999, Madmuppet07, Meza Mauri, Miny Man 1 2, Mirumelina, Mr Coolboy, Mrbaker20009, Nicoleww, Ollyda4th, Penguich, Penguin23829880, Penguin24396983, Pirtpirt, Play Boring, Pogwon 606, Poppy6785, Popsws1, Qqq 14, Rockin Mealz, Roof Vent, Rybrown, Saiyanshrey, Shamoozle, Shoe2424, Simba295, Snorts, Snowydude13, Snoz Winkle, Star Rafa, Starki27, Starwarsnut, Supertyltyl, Sweetmangos, Syd Bluey, Szodgan, Tahita, Tashi444, Ted Award, Templestowe, Tft55, Tomthewelsh, Turrox, Vanessagabee, Whitetum3, Zakharov, wolfz. (hes not a real beta). 

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

i havent finished updating the list yet. so if youre not on there and youre my buddy you will be on there soon.

11 responses to “my buddies

  1. nice

  2. hey sony its ur best buddy howevr lol
    sony999 said:
    o lol its u!! hi!!

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  4. Can I be one of your buddies! 😉 -Tomdude23-
    sony999 said:
    yeah sure!!

  5. can i be 1 of ur buddies

  6. can u add me here im on ur buddy list remember me!

  7. yeah i WILL add you speedyjason9. i just hardly ever update the page lol!! 😆 and potatoes4 yeah just find me on CP sometime and ill add you!!
    ill update the list tomorrow so everyones there!!

  8. ok im just upgrading the buddy list!!

  9. sony plz add me

  10. Dont Forget Me Im In Your Buddys:@

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