club penguin swfs page UPDATED!

Club Penguin Swfs – to download right click link and click “save target/link as”

Music Swf Files – click the links

Penguin Chat 3

Dance Mix

St Patricks Day 2009 party

Dance Track Member party #1 – Also Available On DJ3K

Dance Track Member party #2

Catchin Waves Music

Jet Pack Adventure game music track

Card Jitsu Game


Night Club Music in 2007 halloween party

Night Club Music

Agent HQ

Upstairs in NightClub

Team Blue Music


Fiesta 2007


Some player card backgrounds – arent all here –

Pumpkin Patch



Mexican Rug




Map Hunt 2007

Halloween 2007 trees

Tallest Mountain Background



Ship Blueprints

Lightning Background

G’s Signed Background

Rockhopper 2


Other Random Ones –

Another Down Link

Old Club Penguin site header

Sled crash from mission – you can drive it lol

Homepage Puffle Party

Old Club Penguin homepage from 2005

Penguin Poll


Mission Swf Files –

G’s Computer

Fuse Box

Under The Couch in mission 3

Drawer Mission 3

Power Box Mission 3

Gears Mission 10

Furensic Analyser mission 5

Pizza Shop Mission 6

Piano Mission 7



CPIP site

CPIP Site Countdown


club penguin ad from old homepage

club penguin temporarily down notice

Uh-Oh CPIP notice

club penguin ad that doesnt work anymore


More soon

6 responses to “club penguin swfs page UPDATED!

  1. cool, i like the april fools day

  2. The SWF Musics Dont Work

  3. and the others

  4. They don’t work anymore because these were for the old club penguin site and things. They have now updated the homepage so they don’t work anymore.

    sony999 said – yeah i no lol – pity they did hey

  5. i dont know why they had to update the homepage lol, but im used to it now, so its ok, but yeah the swfs wont work anymore.

  6. yeah ive updated the swfs now they should all work =D

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