adventure party!!!!

the adventure party started yesterday [[on friday]] heres all the stuff for this week –


heres the stuff you need to find for the Adventure Hunt –

number1 – the pool

go underground into the pool – its in the window – pic –



number2 – the cove – click the flower vine next to the ski hut – pic –


number3 – the dock – click the turtle next to the Hydro Hopper – pic –


number4 – the snow forts – click the flowers with only 1 petal next to the clock – pic –


number5 – the iceberg – click the water spout in the water next to the boat – then click the whale that appears. – pic –


number6 – the plaza – click the flowers next to the pizza parlor – pic –


number7 – the beach – click the bubbles in the water – pic –


number8 – the forest – [[last one woot!!!!]] – click the flowers between the waterfalls – pic –


and theres a free item in the plaza – pic –


anyway thats it for this party guys! thanx for visiting n keep the comments comeing – have fun this partayy –

🙂 🙂 -Sony999- 🙂 🙂

One response to “adventure party!!!!

  1. Hope you can come to my party tomorrow!
    Time: 5:00 PM Penguin Standard Time
    Server: Chinook
    Place: Ichigo Kuro1’s Igloo

    Hope you can come. Comment at if you can come!


    -Ichigo Kuro1-

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