the history of club penguin

the history of club penguin by sony999

  1. club penguin started as a game called PenguinChat3. it was run by RocketSnail Games. the site is closed now but i have a link that still works (on the penguinchat3 page)
  2. you used to be able to be a ninja but they took the feature out. heres a pic of what ninjas looked like:

pretty cool huh!! there are some clues about if ninjas still exist. ill post them later.

  1. next there was a beta test for club penguin. the test went for 2 months. at the end there was a party called the beta test party. pink and yellow party hats were handed out for free.
  2. heres a pic of that party:
  3. the next big event after that was the 2005 halloween party. heres a pic:
  4. the page is unfinished but ill finish it later. for loads of pics of the beta test/penguinchat3 check the PenguinChat3/club penguin beta test pics page.

2 responses to “the history of club penguin


  2. the original penguin chat is still around and it still works! i just went on! heres a link >> << ok?

    Sony999 said:
    yeah that IS a penguin chat, but naw its not the same, its just a copy someone tried to make of it. the REAL penguin chat 3 was only on RocketSnailGames and is now offline… thanx for the comment cheers =D

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