the CPIP

the CPIP is the (C)lub (P)enguin (I)mprovement (P)roject. its a sort of project club penguin is running to build faster servers and redo the homepage and some mysterious new features. they havent revealed what these are yet but we will probably know soon i suppose. Some penguins (like me!!) helped to test the new faster servers. the server test is over now (nooo!!) but i have some pics i took while testing! also us server testers are getting a free gift from club penguin!!!!! i dunno what it is yet though. Billybob just said it was a free gift. club penguin are working on the new homepage now. anyway heres one of my pics of the server test!

there are more pics on the homepage on this site.

to check out the CPIP blog go to !!


4 responses to “the CPIP

  1. dude what if one of the msterious new features is something with ninjas

  2. Oooooh ninjas r creeeeeepy

    and ur name is POTATOS?

  3. hi everyone dallasfrog is famous on cp hes has a website its called

  4. awesome website check my website out to!

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