location of the pin + 3000 HITS!!!! + the rockhopper igloo

w00t this site just reached 3000 hits!! im on 3002 right now so thanx to everyone whos visiting and commenting!! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


the pin is in the stage with the play. you need to walk onto the watching balcony to get it. its called the Dodgeball Pin. heres the pic:

new pin

new pin

 the new rockhoppers ship igloo also came out!! and there is a hidden igloo (Secret Stone Igloo) heres the pics:

the new pirate ship igloo

the new pirate ship igloo

and heres the location of the Secret Stone Igloo:

the hidden igloo

the hidden iglooalso click the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo.Sport Catalog Secrets:Click on the Blue Pom-Pom for the Orange Football Helmet:click the pom-pom for the orange football helmet

the silver surfboard is in the same place as always.
also there is a new background for non-members:
the basketball background.
anyway thats it for this week!!

penguin games coming up!!!!

the new newspaper came out yesterday and the penguin games are coming up!! heres all the latest on it→→→→

club penguin is preparing for the penguin games 2008!!

it seems you will have to play a bit of sport to get your free stuff this time…. it will probably be kinda like the Fall Fair last year how you had to collect tickets for your free stuff. but more sportyer. i missed the 2006 sport party (i wasnt playing yet) so it should be fun!!

this years main club penguin sporting event will begin on August 22!! (1 week from now)

and just to let you know im going on TEAM BLUE!!!! w00000000000000000000t!!!! so yeah go team blue!!

and GO AUSTRALIA in the Olympic Games too (yes if you didnt know im Australian) 🙂

                                                                          🙂  🙂

nearly 3000 hits!!

yep this site is now nearly on 3000 hits!! sorry i cant post for the newspaper i went out for the day so i only hav a few minutes. 🙂 anyway thanks to everyone who visits!! especially – Aplae, Hamanino, and Ziippy who visit heaps so thanks a bunch guys!! ill get a full news report for everyone tomorrow!!


Club Penguin Times Issue147

im a bit late on this cause my newspaper wouldnt load for a bit lol 😆 anyway heres this weeks really late headlines:

review of the MusicJam08:

you need to run your mouse over the penguins in the article to see what they said about it.

Penguin Games Coming Up:

heres the ad in the newspaper:

Penguin Games Ad.

Penguin Games Ad.

Scavenger Hunt Coming August 8. (more like come already but oh well…)

heres the article (its big enough to read – click for full size)

The Puffle-So-Cute-O game is also in the news again.

anyway thats it for this week!!! →Sony999←

new newspaper and pin

the news came out on thursday. heres all the main articles:

music party extended until august 5:

party extended!!

party extended!!

 there are also new aqua grabber levels!!

the new play is a sequel of team blue’s rally debut.

new play!!

new play!!


the location of the new pin:

In the Nightclub. To get it walk over to the green puffle. The pin is under it.

The pin:

Anyway thats all the latest news!!


club penguin MusicJam08

the musicjam party came out today!! its a cool party. my fave so far. there are 2 free items, a MusicJam

T-Shirt and the less-colourful maracas. there is also an APPLAUSE button on the corner of your screen

which creates a cheering sound effect. here are pics of the party including the locations of the items.

random rooms:

 the dock (rock themed)

 iceberg (rock the iceberg)




there is also a members shop at the snow forts where you can buy merchandise.(MEMBERS ONLY)

the new DJ game also came out in the nightclub. its called DJ3K. heres what its like:

its pretty cool. anyway have fun with the party!!


new DJ game on club penguin!!

there is gonna be a new game on club penguin. it will be called “MixMaster” and it will be at the nightclub DJ deck. club penguin said:

“The plan always was to turn the DJ table into something more fun, something more interactive, but we never really got around to it.”

anyway heres the sneak peek of what the game will look like. the game will be released this friday at the MusicJam08 party.

anyway i think it will be cool cause i like playing around with the DJ programs on my computer lol 😆

anyway thats all 4 today!!

~Sony999~ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Frozen is going crazy!!

right now the server frozen is going strange. everyone seems to be able to get the beta hat somehow!! LOOK AT THIS CRAZY PIC!! AND I DIDNT EDIT IT AT ALL!! i also filmed it. look under the pic for the vid!!

heres the video. its bad quality cause its fullscreen club penguin and there were so many people that it slowed down and running the camera slows it down too. but you can tell their betas.

club penguin game on Nintendo DS!!

remember ages ago the penguin poll was about releasing a game on DS? well they are creating a game!! heres the cover for Nintendo DS:

the game is expected to be ready by the holidays. the game is a sort of secret agent idea. anyway there is also a sneak peek of the music jam party. here it is:

that partys coming in one week. thats all for now for the sneak peeks!!


the new pin

the new pin came out on friday. its a Treble Clef. you can pick it up at the pool. heres the pic:

thats all for today!!

~sony999~ 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

new newspaper

the new news came out today. its issue144. heres the main stuff: i dont have much time right now but ill add more to this tomorrow!! ~sony999~

club penguin MusicJam08:

new play: its really just a repeat of an old one.

new features released!!

the CPIP new features were released today. there is a free item from PenguinMail. its a blue mail stachel.

now when people ask to be your buddy it will come as a postcard not an envelope.

also the new player card feature was released today. player cards now display items as they load. and it tells you when a buddys online. it kinda slides the items on. it also ‘joins’ rooms instead of loading them.

 new loading.

and heres a pic of the new inventory:

also your Spy Phone is now in the corner of your screen so you wont have to open your player card to teleport to different rooms.

the new server feature was also released:

anyway thats all the new features. youd better log on now to collect your free mail satchel lol 😆



some people think ninjas are coming back. i half do and half dont. but Wwe Adam ( http://wweadam.com/ ) saw this. tell me if you think its real!!

it LOOKS real anyway. lol 😆 ninjas could be real though. anyway tell me what you think.

~sony999~ 🙂

new newspaper

the new news came out yesterday: heres the main stuff:

theres an interview with the penguin band on page A2 & A3. you can see more of the interview if you run your mouse over the button in the corner of the page:


and there is going to be a Club Penguin Music Festival. its going to be the first ever music festival on club penguin and its going to be from July 25-30 all around club penguin. heres an advertisement:

if it doesnt show in full size click the pic and it will come up in full size.

this pic is big enough so you can read the article if you want. if its not in full size click it for full size.

heres the upcoming events:

anyway thats all the news for this week!! there is a game in the news but you will have to log on to play it. its called Puffle-So-Cute-O. anyway thats all this weeks news on club penguin!!


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2000 hits!!

yep were on 2003 hits right now!! thanx to everyone who visits!! 🙂

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