Club Penguin christmas party 2008 nearly here!

the christmas party is nearly here! its gonna start on December 19 and go until December 29! THAT MEANS IT STARTS TOMORROW! WOOT! 😆 anyway so everyone better get ready to stock up on a few free items. also i reached 5K hits a few days ago THX 2 ALL VISITORS! [especially commenters!] heres all the latest pics! –

”]party starts on December 19 [goes til December 29!]

Also coins for change is back so save it up ppl!

check back soon for the christmas partay postin! with free item locations!


this weeks stuff!

the main thing for this week is that: ninjas are back. thats the only thing any1’s interested in rite now anyway! U have to play Card-Jitsu in Competition mode to get the belts. thats what everyones asking how to get a belt.

anyway everyone better not waste time! better stop readin this and get back to training peeps!


BIG SORRY!!!! -> havent updated for 2 weeks! [computer crashed lol] + NINJAS are getting released again!

yeah huge sorry 2 everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my computer got to full awhile ago and it crashed. 2 many pics and vids of CP on it lol. so we got the hard drive replaced. it took ages so i only just managed to get back on to this site now! anyway lots has been happening on CP so heres all the latest info-!- ->

dojo grand reopening! and ninjas are coming back!

dojo grand reopening! and ninjas are coming back!

yep this is what everyones been waiting for since the BETA test!!!!!!! ninjas are returning TODAY! well training starts today anyway. anyway heres how its done:

”]info [read to find out how to do it!]moreinfoninjas

anyway we all better start training right away so we can all be ninjas as soon as possible. i always wanted ninjas to come out again cause they were only ever out in the BETA test [before game release[if you want more on the BETA test check out the page on this site]] and as i wasnt playing back then i never got a chance to be one lol!

anyway there is an item out as well: its called Geta Sandals! you can pick up ur own pair by heading to the Dojo courtyard right now! anyway im off for now. we need to have a COUNT TO 500 PARTY-ITS COMING UP VERY SOON-AFTER NINJA RELEASE HAS DIED DOWN. we need it to be finished so we get more people comin lol! anyway thats it for today!

note – ninjanoteeeee


Club penguin times issue Number 159!

sorry im a bit late this week! anyway heres all the latest news: [its issue 159 this week] 🙂

1st up : Halowen prizes!

Candy 1 – Snow forts click on the blue flag.

Candy 2 – Dance lounge click on the tall lamp next to the TV on the left side.

Candy 3 – Lodge attic in the blue box

Candy 4 – Plaza in the green liqid in the pot.

Candy 5 – the Cove in the warning sign.

Candy 6 – the iceberg click the colored lights in the sky!

Candy 7 – Lighthouse beacon wait for 3 flashes then its inside the big pumpkin!

Candy 8 – Book room-Click on the green candle.

CP turns 3-!-

yep the partay is on! what everyone wants to know tho is were the hat is. so yeah here it is-!-

The hat is in the cake in the coffe shop. click the big fan and it will reveal the hats.


Happy BDAY CP-!-

-Sony999-                              also the details for the count to 500 party are comin soon!

club penguin times issue157→and 4000 HITS-!-→w00t-!-[thanx to all u ppl who visit][![especially if u comment]!]-!-

yep 4000 hits every1! thanx to everyone whos visiting! anyway heres all the latest CP news-

REALLY SORRY – no pictures right now the uploader is not working! so yeah sorry everyone itll have to be a pictureless post 🙂 hopefully well have the pics bak on next week 🙂

3RD BDAY CELEBRATIONS- coming up this week! it has been extended so it now goes for THREE days instead of 1. – OCTOBER 24 to 26-!-

HALLOWEEN PARTY – also starting soon – its on right after the BDAY celebrations – looks like there might not be darkness this year! [read the report where it says SPECIAL REPORT ANNOUNCEMENT][[under G and the reporter]]

ROCKHOPPER – will be here for the 3RD BDAY celebration!

real sorry bout the pics every1 but yeah at least we got 4000 hits so yeah huge thank u 2 every1 reading this cause ur all helping the hits go up!

anyway thats it!



hey everyone heres the news 4 this week!!!!

the new newspaper came out – issue 156 this week!!!!

anyway heres all the main stuff:

-[the front page]-

the halloween party is starting on the 29th of this month – its goin all the way to the 2nd of November.

but before that theres gonna be a quick 24 hour party in the town centerfor club penguins 3rd BDay!!!! everyone will get a free party hat cause thats what happens every year. last year the party was in the Coffee Shop tho. i think its gonna be in the town cause the cakes getting to big for the Coffee Shop. it was right to the roof last year!!!!—-

anyway these 2 partys are my faves of the year so w00t lol 😆

heres the pics-

and the BDay party-

Also my penguin turned 550 days old today so yeah happy BDay to me for that lol 😀

also were getting heaps of hits – nearly at 4000 now so keep em comin guys!!!!



club penguin times issue #155

The club penguin times just came out. its issue number 155 this week. so heres all the main stuff:

the fall fair is nearly finished.

there are plenty of games in the news this week:

  • Puffle-so-cute-o    –    Page A4 and A5
  • Mix-up at the stage    –    Page A8 and A9
  • Fall Fair wonderously wonderful wordsearch    –    Page A10 and A11
  • Puzzle shuffle    –    Page A12

the ad on page A13 spells out -Its Big its dark and its full of aliens- if you run the torch [mouse] over the dark space on the page.

and last up heres the Up-Coming events for this week:

anyway thats all for this weeks news-!-!-!-!


countdown till Club penguin game release + game closed down

hey everyone i made a countdown for the exact time for the release of the Club penguin Nintendo DS game!!!! if you want to take a look heres the link:


click here for the countdown!!!!


also at the fall fair the Grab & Spin game is closed because of people using the ticket glitch on the game.

fall fair here and im back from holidays!!!!

hey everyone im back from holidays!!!! i missed the start of the fall fair but heres all the latest: its the sdame as last years but there are extra member things this time. you have to play the games to get the tickets to get the items!!!!

its issue 154 of the club penguin times. members have extra things to do at this years fall fair. run your mouse over the button at the corner of the article to find out about them. [im not a member]

its a fun party but it can get annoying getting the tickets lol 😆

—————–→also look out for the COUNT TO 500 PARTY cause WE MADE IT!!!!←———-

on holidays…

yeah sorry i havent really been posting this week i been on holidays!!!! ill do the news 2morro on thursday cause i only got a minute now… anyway ill also be gone next week cause its school holidays and im goin on holidays with my parents. so yeah not much happenin lately ill update all the latest stuff 2morro.


anyway thanx for still visiting ppls!!!!

Sony999 🙂 😆 🙂 😆 🙂 😆 🙂 😆

clothing catalog secrets

heres all the secrets for the latest clothing catalog:

the viking helmets: (open and close the red one 4 times for the blue)

click on the yellow puffle:

click the beak for the mixed bracelets:

and click the acoustic guitar for the jade necklace:

also the stage is under construction this week so head down and check it out!!

anyway thats the secrets for this month!!


penguin games over + 150th newspaper!!!!

yep the penguin games have finished. the news reporters said both teams claimed victory. team blue should have won… just cause i was on it but oh well… the 150th club penguin times came out this week as well and the pin is a newspaper. you can find it in the Boiler Room. heres the pics:

the front page

the front page


club penguin games closed:

rory and rookie signing off

rory and rookie signing off


the location of the pin:

the upcoming events for this week:

anyway thats it for this weeks news!!!!


the Penguin Games!!!!

the Penguin Games bagan about 2 hours ago. For this party you have to play games to get the free stuff. There are face paints to pick up. You can get a gold medal when you have completed all the games. You can start the events at:

  1. The Marathon: Ski Village
  2. Three Lap Race: The Iceberg
  3. Freestyle Swin: Underground Pool

when you are completing the events you have to stop at each light till it lights up (so you cant cheat) and if you go past without stopping you have to restart the event. heres what the lights look like:

The 2 free face paints (red and blue) are at:

  1. Blue: Pizza Parlor
  2. Red: Coffee Shop

here are the pics:

event checklist:

the face paint locations:

anyway thats all the news from the Penguin Games!!!!


penguin games begin tomorrow!!!! (Club penguin times issue149)

yep the penguin games start tomorrow all over club penguin!!!! this year we will have to do stuff to get the free stuff instead of just picking it up out of boxes apparently!!!! heres all the latest:

(Picture from front page)

(Picture from front page)


there is an interview with Rory and Rookie on page A2 and A3. they tell you all about the events that will be going on that you can compete in in the penguin games this year.

heres a list of the events:

  1. Cross Country Marathon
  2. Swim Meet
  3. Track Meet (apparently Gary The Gadget Guy has a surprise way to keep track of runners)
  4. There will be a Soccer Feild at the Ice Rink (for members only sadly)

The Penguin Games finish on August 26.

also the Penguin Times celebrates its 150th issue next week!!!! there will probably be an interactive interview with Aunt Arctic with all the events from the last 50 newspapers on Club Penguin because thats what they did on the 100th issue.

also a new clothing catalog is coming up on September 5.

anyway thats all the latest news for today!!!! tomorrow we will have a full post on the Penguin Games!!!!

Sony999 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂