[how] ninjas [used to be] on club penguin

ninjas on club penguin

(by Sony999)

ninjas dont exist on club penguin anymore. you could only be a ninja in penguin chat3 and they took it off when club penguin was released. some people say it got replaced by secret agents. some penguins can do ninja stuff like flashing around the room but they are hacking it and you shouldnt do that cause you will get bann forever if they find out at club penguin. so sorry but they dont exist.

untitled.jpg the penguin at clubpenguin.com changes to a ninja if you click the N on the NIGHTCLUB sign. i wrote to clubpenguin.com and they said it was just the superhero mask so they arent gonna bring it out again obviously. click the picture to enlarge it. this dosent work anymore cause they changed the Club Penguin homepage.

here are some pictures of ninjas in penguinchat3 and the beta test of club penguin. NONE OF THESE PICTURES ARE FAKE because they were taken during the beta test while you could still buy ninja outfits.

two ninjas in the nightclub


a ninja sitting on top of the coffee shop.


a ninja with some penguins drilling.


for penguinchat3 and club penguin beta test pictures check the pictures page on this site.


possible evidence that ninjas still exist on club penguin:

i dont beleive if ninjas are coming back or not. they dont exist AT THE MOMENT. but its possible they might bring them back.

  1. if you walk around the island of club penguin you can see ninja shadows around. heres some pics:

 one in the lighthouse.

one in the ski lodge.

there are lots of other ones but they are all shadow sorts of stuff like these. look around for them if you get bored maybe.

  1. a penguin sent an email to club penguin staff asking if there was a secret room. here is their reply. (i didnt edit this at all)

Dear penguin,

we all know that ninjas are first and foremost puzzling. However,
can be some evidence that there
actually ninjas! It might involve
couple of clues, or messages or a
but no one knows. Check every
and I’m sure we with find more compelling evidence. Keep up the good work!

Club penguin Team.

the words THERE IS A SECRET ROOM are all on their own lines!!

there are other ninja things around but they arent very good evidence. so i wont bother with them. anyway i hope they bring ninjas back some day.

7 responses to “[how] ninjas [used to be] on club penguin

  1. umm…. It is true they aren’t real but they’re bringing them back! I’ve found enough things to proove it. I found out on a CP hack site (I don’t hack by the way, I just like to see what they can do) and found out they hacked into CP and found out that ninjas will be coming out sometime in 2008.
    ~edited by sony999~
    yea alot of people think they are coming back. i hope they do!! 🙂 but you shouldnt hack.
    waddle on!!

  2. duddla~mr waterbird

    yo its duddla

  3. lol!!

  4. hey sony i had an email from cp about ninjas look
    Greetings fellow ninja fan,

    Ninjas are quite the mystery in Club Penguin. There are many whispers of them,
    many rumors of their existence but as far as we know, no penguin has ever
    actually seen a real ninja in Club Penguin. Perhaps this is due to the fact
    that ninjas are trained in the art of stealth? What do you think? Have you ever
    seen a ninja or any sign of ninjas in Club Penguin?

    All in all I say never give up hope. You never know if you might see a ninja,
    or perhaps there will some way to train in the art of ninja-style in the
    future. Remember that anything is possible in Club Penguin!

    Much honor young grasshopper,

    Scott S
    Club Penguin Support
    Notice how it says young grasshopper

  5. Ninjas are back now on CP! so this is kinda how Ninjas used to be on Club Penguin now lol 😆
    if u havent alredy got it u probably better get on 2 CP right now and get the Ninja stuff! its way better then just lookin at this page lol!

  6. lol i think you should delete this now!!!

    ninjas are real now!!!
    lol, this post is OLD

  7. lol i think you should delete this now!!!

    ninjas are real now!!!
    lol, this post is OLD;)

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