the club penguin hi-score page


this is something new im trying. im going to post my hi-scores at the club penguin games on this page as screenshots. if you can beat any of them post a screenshot of your hi-score on YOUR wordpress and leave a comment with a link to your site below. (its gotta be a screenshot for proof!!) anyway if this works ill keep this page running but this is just a test for now.

the hi-scores will come later. i have to go play the games now lol if u have a big score check back later.



4 responses to “the club penguin hi-score page

  1. cool ok

  2. i once got 10,000 coins on puffle round up
    i had to play like 20 games or more.

    i dont know what my exact score was.
    but i got tons of money!!!!!!!

    its my fave game

  3. wow nice lol

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