about sony999 on club penguin

this is just a page about me on club penguin.

heres a pic of my player card…

i joined club penguin the day before the 2007 easter egg hunt. only my first penguin has the blue bunny ears. i created the account sony999 a day or 2 after the hunt finished. so i just missed the blue ears on sony999. it dont matter tho cause i never wear bunny ears anyway. anyway i normally hang out in servers Frozen, Mammoth, Down Under, and Big Surf. my best buddy is Shamoozle. he hangs out in Big Surf. my fave items are the beta hat and the red hawian lei.

Fav song – bang to elysium (3 amigos mix)
Fav food – i dunno probably my fav is pizza! =D
Fav movie – final fantasy 7 advent children

anyway thats about all there is to know!!

waddl3 0n!


4 responses to “about sony999 on club penguin

  1. niiiice.

  2. Hi Sony999, very interesting page! I am curious to know how Club Penguin did to reach Beta testers… Did they advertize on different websites? Do you have any idea?

  3. gnicole – dunno i think a lot of people knew about rocketsnail games before they brought out penguin chat so they got players from there.. when club penguin came out all the penguin chat 3 players would have gone to club penguin to be beta testers i guess.. u can look on the Penguin Chat 3 / Beta Test Stuff page for more info if u want
    thx for commentin!

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